Terms & Conditions

Please read through the T & C.  By purchasing on this website means you agree with the terms and conditions listed here. 


  • Free delivery for purchase more than£55 (exclude chilled and frozen food) or delivery fee of £5 will be charged.
  • If you selected chilled or frozen items, please add “Chilled and frozen product Extra packaging fee” item into your cart. Additional£4.5 will be charged regardless of how many items you have selected.
  • All chilled and frozen orders will be dispatched via next day delivery.
  • When we deliver temperature controlled (chilled/frozen) products, we avoid delay. Please also ensure acceptance of goods and DO NOT re-schedule delivery.  Requests for refunds will not be accepted due to product quality issues caused by customers’ delayed delivery.
  • For order consists of chilled and frozen products, we will dispatch from Mon to Wed.  For any order placed on or after Wed, we will dispatch the orders on the following Mon if it is not a holiday.
  • For dry products order, we will send in standard mail.
  • Delivery to UK mainland only.


  • If you pay by direct bank transfer, please mark your order number on your transaction.
  • If you choose to pay by bank transfer, order date will be the payment confirmation date.  We will dispatch the order after we received the payment.
  • We accept Paypal/ Credit card/Debit card payment.  You may choose how do you want to pay when you place the order.

Returns & Refunds

  • Orders that have been returned by the courier because the orders have been refused or have an incorrect address, once returned to us, redelivery will have additional charge.  If refund is requested, the shipping cost will be deducted from the amount.
  • Please notify us within 48 hours of receiving your order if you have any queries regarding your order.
  • If you wish to return a product, please email us at info@livelylifeuk.com before sending it back. 
  • Chilled products cannot be returned unless they are damaged or sent wrong.
  • We only accept return and refund if the goods are
    • 14 days from the date you received the order. 
    • Unused, in original packaging and in good condition 
    • Damage and shortage when received.
  • For return items, you will have to cover the delivery charge if the return is not due to damage or wrong delivery.

Refill Goods

All our food refill products are weighed and packaged in paper bag/biodegradable/compostable packaging.  For extra protection, we may use clean re-used plastic packaging in the outer layer.



  • 免費送貨額為 £55,不包括冷藏及急凍產品。如訂購低於免費送貨額,需額外付£5運費。
  • 如你選購冷藏及急凍產品,請同時選購 “Chilled and frozen product Extra packaging fee”,會有額外£4.5包裝費用。這是一次性收費,無論買多少冷凍產品,收費維持不變。
  • 所有冷藏及急凍產品訂單,會以<第二天送抵>服務出貨。
  • 派送溫控產品(冷藏及急凍),我們儘量避免延誤派送。收貨時,請勿改期派送。因顧客自行延後派送而引起的產品質素問題,退款要求,恕不受理。
  • 冷藏和急凍產品的訂單,在周一至週三發貨。 週三或之後下的訂單,會在下週一發貨,如果是當日是假日,會順延。
  • 乾貨訂單,會以標準郵包寄送。
  • 僅送貨至英國本土。


  • 如果直接銀行轉帳,請在交易中註明你的訂單號碼。
  • 如果選擇銀行轉帳付款,訂單日期將為付款確認日期。 收到付款後,會安排出貨。
  • 我們接受Paypal/支付卡/信用卡付款。 你可以在下訂單時選擇。


  • 貨物如因被拒送或地址不正確而被快遞退回,再次送貨會收取額外費用。 如果要求退款,運費將從金額中扣除。
  • 如果你對訂單有任何疑問,請在收到訂單後 48 小時內通知我們。如果你想退回產品,請在退回產品之前電郵至 info@livelylifeuk.com。
  • 冷藏及急凍貨物除非是損壞或有問題,否則不接受退貨。
  • 如果貨物符合以下條件,才會接受退貨和退款要求:
    • 貨物收到14 天內提出
    • 貨品未開封及使用,原包裝狀況良好。
    • 收到時有損壞或其他問題。
  • 如果退貨原因不是因損壞或出錯貨,閣下便需要支付退貨運費。


  • 散裝產品均以紙袋/可生物降解/可堆肥包裝物料包裝,有時可能需要額外的保護,我們會使用乾淨的重用膠袋在外層額外包裝。

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