Clearspring Organic Japanese Brown Rice Vinegar 250ml 有機糙米醋


A combination of the finest organic Japanese rice, water, slow maturation and the craftsmanship of third generation family producers, is what sets Clearspring full-bodied Japanese Brown Rice Vinegar apart from the rest.

Naturally Fermented

Perfect for adding tartness to dishes, for dressings or to make sushi vinegar.

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The full-bodied yet gentle character of this classic vinegar from Japan’s southern island of Kyusyu makes it a joy to use wherever tartness is needed. Its exquisite quality comes from using organic brown rice and the centuries-old method of slow maturation. Perfect for sauces and salad dressings. A key ingredient in sushi-making.

This vinegar provides a stimulating contrast of flavour that brings almost any food to life. Besides being a mainstay in salad dressings, pickling mixtures and marinades, it also perks up vegetable dishes, sauces, dips and spreads.

Ingredients: Water, brown rice* (20%). *organically grown

Product of Japan



Nutritional Information

Typical values g per 100ml
Energy kJ:  75
Energy kCal:  18
Fat:  0
of which saturates:  0
Carbohydrate:  0.7
of which sugars:  0
Protein:  0.8
Salt:  0.03

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