Lively Life Palace Puer 80g 喜居生活無農藥宮廷普洱 80克


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This Pu’er tea undergoes the “Wodui (wet piling) fermentation” process, which converts the tea polyphenols in the tea leaves into theabrownin, resulting in a reddish-brown tea colour and a mature Pu’er tea with a mellow woody aroma. The processing technology of Pu’er ripe tea makes the tea mild in nature and sweet in taste. Moreover, Pu’er ripe tea undergoes a transformation process by microorganisms and derives probiotics needed for human intestinal health. It helps the stomach wall form a protective film and has the function of nourishing the stomach. Ripe tea benefits include lowering lipids and blood pressure as well as preventing constipation. It is a diuretic and calming to the senses. Ripe Pu’er tea helps warm the stomach and to calm, and is excellent for people with weak constitutions. Drinking it in winter can promote blood circulation and is an excellent product for health.


The palace ripe Pu’er tea is a premium Pu’er with only young buds. The leaves are ruddy in colour, tight, thin and full, the drink is red and bright, the aroma is rich and mellow, with characteristics fragrant, sweet, mellow, wholesome, thick, as well as smooth and mellow to drink. It is the ultimate Pu’er.


Origin:  Menghai area, Yunnan

Weight: 80g




🌱宮廷普洱 (熟普散茶)🌱

普洱茶經「渥堆發酵」工藝,令茶葉中的茶多酚成份轉化成茶褐素,形成湯色紅褐,茶中帶有陳醇木香之普洱熟茶。普洱熟茶之加工技術,令茶性趨向溫和,滋味甜醇。而且普洱熟茶經歷微生物的轉化過程,衍生出對人體腸道健康所需之益生菌,有助胃壁形成保護膜,具養胃功用。熟茶更具有降脂降壓、預防便秘、利尿及安神等效。普洱熟茶有助暖胃安神,特別適合體質虛弱之人士飲用。 冬天飲用更能促進血氣循環,為養生之極上佳品。 而宮廷普洱熟茶更是篩了芽頭部份的高級普洱,茶葉色澤紅潤 , 茶條索緊細而飽滿, 茶湯紅艷明亮, 陳香濃郁醇厚, 具有香、 甜、 醇、 潤、 厚、 滑等特色,口感順滑醇厚,是極上的普洱。


產地: 雲南勐海地區

重量﹕ 80克


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