Lively Life Rou Gui Rock Tea 20g (Loose) 喜居生活無農藥武夷肉桂茶 (大紅袍) 20克(散裝)


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Wuyi Rougui is the top variety of Da Hong Pao, and Da Hong Pao is the “King of Teas” among oolong teas.

Wuyi Rougui is one of the top ten famous teas in China and has a century-long history. This particular oolong tea is named after the Rougui tea tree and is made under the Wuyi rock tea production method. Because the tea has the aroma of cinnamon, it is called “Rougui” (cinnamon in Chinese).

Lively Life Wuyi Rougui is hand-roasted with charcoal using traditional techniques and simmered slowly. The dry tea leave is shiny and fragrant. The drink is mellow and the fruity aroma is wrapped in the tea, making the tea richer and more layered. This batch of tea is from 2019. The roast-pungent has subsided, and the taste is stronger, calmer, and mellow. The unique floral and fruity aroma gradually emerges. This is the flavor we specially selected for everyone.

Wuyi Rougui also has the effects of sedating and lowering blood pressure, strengthening the stomach and relieving fatigue, lowering blood pressure, refreshing the mind, preventing cancer, protecting against radiation, and anti-aging.


Origin: Wuyi Mountain

Weight: 20g (loose pack)

Packaging: We will use paper bag to wrap the product. If order more than one unit, we will use only one bag unless specify.



武夷肉桂是大紅袍的頂級品種,而大紅袍是烏龍茶中的「茶王之王」。 武夷肉桂更是中國十大名茶之一,已有百年歷史。以肉桂良種茶樹命名,用武夷岩茶的製作方法製成的烏龍茶。因茶有桂皮香氣,因此稱「肉桂」。 喜居生活武夷肉桂為以傳統工藝手工炭焙,文火慢燉,乾茶油亮,香氣馥郁,茶湯醇厚,果香裹在茶湯里,使茶湯多了豐富度,層次感分明。此批為2019年茶,火氣已退,口感更有勁道,沈穩,醇厚,特有的花果香味逐漸呈現出來,是我們為大家特選的風味。 武夷肉桂還有鎮靜降壓、健胃解膩、降血壓、提神醒腦、防癌、防輻射、抗衰老的功效。


產地: 武夷山

重量﹕ 以20克起計 **


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