Lively Life Wild Black Tea 20g (Loose)喜居生活無農藥野生紅茶 20克(散裝)


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Tongmu Village is one of the birthplaces of black tea in the world. The Lapsang Souchong tea, which was brought into the British royal family more than 400 years ago, was produced here. The wild mountain black tea from Lively Life is Lapsang Souchong, which is grown in the “World Natural Heritage” Wuyi Mountain Nature Reserve. Here, the mountains are high and the valleys are deep, the clouds and mists are shrouded, and the altitude is between 700 and 1200 meters. The soil is mostly weathered rocky soil. The overall ecological environment of the mountain soil and water quality is very good and pure, a perfect condition to produce the special aroma and taste of wild black tea. The drink has a woody aroma which is fruity, silky, smooth, sweet and refreshing! Because it is planted in the protected area, chemical fertilizers or pesticides must not be used, and it can only be harvested once a year in March to avoid pollution, so the quality of black tea is high, but the output is limited.

Black tea can help improve appetite, ease a rich meal and help digestion. It is also helpful for gastrointestinal health and soothing gastrointestinal discomfort. And the catechin and theanine in black tea help the immune system.

Origin: Tongmu Village, Wuyi Mountain

Weight: 20g (loose pack)

Packaging: We will use paper bag to wrap the product. If order more than one unit, we will use only one bag unless specify.


桐木村是世界紅茶的發源地之一,四百多年前,被帶入英國皇室的正山小種,正是產於此地。喜居生活的野山紅茶是正山小種,生長在「世界自然遺產」的武夷山自然保護區內。這裡山高谷深,雲霧繚繞 ,海拔高度在700至1200米, 土壤多為岩石風化土,山野土壤水質整體生態環境十分優秀純淨,這些條件形成野生紅茶特別的香氣和口感,茶湯帶有木質香氣和果香, 而且順、滑、甜、潤!正因為種於保護區內,絕不能使用化肥或農藥,只能每年3月進去一次採收,避免污染,所以紅茶質素高,但產量不多。 紅茶能幫助食慾、解油膩助消化。對腸胃健康,舒緩腸胃不適也有幫助。而且紅茶中的兒茶素和茶胺酸,有助免疫系統。

產地﹕ 武夷山桐木村

重量﹕ 以20克起計 **


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