MACK Dr. Dre’n – Drain Speeder Upper BioPod 排水管暢通無阻 益菌小幫手 (柑橘香味配方)


Citrus scented formula to clear slow moving drains caused by a build up of soap scum, hair and debris.

When considering both the drain products in the MACK range, think of Dr Dre’n as the fire lighters, kindling and matches for a drain – it gets the fire going – and Hairy Scumbag – Drain Maintainer as the logs – it keeps the fire going. Dr Dre’n is a good one to call in if you notice a slow draining drain, but if you use Hairy Scumbag regularly may not be needed.

Dissolve in a 1-litre container with warm (not hot) water and pour about 250ml down each plug hole – leave for at least 4 hours or overnight for best results.

Please note: this will not clear pipes that have been blocked for years. These will need professional clearing.

Ingredient: Sugar, precipitated silica, enzyme, bacteria, citrus oil, (food-grade) dye, pH Neutral

Country of Origin: United Kingdom


用法:將原包Dr. Dre’n溶解在一個裝有溫水(非熱水)的 1 升容器中,然後將約 250 毫升倒入每個去水口——放置至少 4 小時或過夜,達致最佳效果。

如果排水管去水緩慢問題出現,可使用Dr. Dre’n – Drain Speeder Upper BioPod 使其回復暢通,但如果已經常使用Hairy Scumbag – Drain Maintainer BioPod疏通水管,沒有排水緩慢問題,就應該就無需要使用Dr. Dre’n了。


成份:糖、沉澱二氧化矽、酶、細菌、柑橘油、(食品級)染料,pH 中性


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About MACK

MACK has developed a unique range of biotech cleaning products aimed specifically at the domestic market. They are not only eco-friendly they are also extremely effective.

The products were originally designed for commercial settings, where high performance and good value are essential. In addition to this, many businesses need to reduce their environmental impact and MACK has been able to address all three of these requirements.

Most cleaning products on the market fall into two different camps:
Effective cleaning but include heavy chemicals
Plant based but not always very effective and can be expensive

Biotech cleaning products offer the best of both – they perform effectively, cost less and are not harmful to users or the environment.


About The BioPods

The BioPods are wrapped in a PVA coating which dissolves in warm water. Each BioPod has different instructions, so please remember to read the box before use. If the product is to be used in a re-purposed bottle, the box will contain a pre-printed sticker to label the bottle for ease of use in the household. Other BioPods are for a single application such as cleaning a washing machine or drain.

In their diluted form, the BioPods have no health hazards at all, but in concentrated form, some of the ingredients could be a mild irritant so it is recommended to wash hands after handling the pods directly. Once dissolved in a bottle, the products will remain effective for up to 3 months.
The BioPods are ocean-friendly, suitable for septic tanks, palm oil free and made in the UK.

How do MACK biotech cleaning products work?
In essence, their method of cleaning is called ‘light touch; long term’. The initial clean is mainly done by using enzymes and natural surfactants which are coconut based. These enzymes are produced by bacteria and added into the MACK formula to give the BioPods effective immediate cleaning action which instantly lifts dirt, oil, grease and grime from the surfaces.

Their good bacteria get to work breaking down the dirt and grime which not only makes it easier to dissolve in water, but also gives the natural bacteria some food! This process causes the production of more (good) bacteria, more enzymes, carbon dioxide and water – so nothing harmful at all.
The sprays can be wiped off immediately or left on stubborn stains for a while. But even after being wiped these bacteria and enzymes will have formed a bio film and will continue to clean for up to 28 days. That’s why MACK call them ‘a million little helpers’.

It is important to note that many traditional cleaners, which contain chemicals, will kill the bio film that has built up. As a result, it is important, once you start, to remember to ‘Keep It MACK’!

MACK’s team is passionate about the ocean and seas and supports Sea Shepherd, a non-profit conservation organisation that protects ocean life. MACK has achieved neutralcarbonzone™ certification and also supports the UK reforestation Tree in a Million program. MACK works with Out and About Dorset, a local business that supports the future of young adults with learning difficulties. Working alongside MACK gives the young adults responsibility, job satisfaction, further progresses their social skills, and increases their understanding of how to care for our environment. In exchange for their help making the boxes, MACK supports the club and supply any equipment & days out for the young adults.



MACK 開發了一系列獨特的生物技術清潔產品,不僅環保,而且非常有效。 這些產品最初是為商用而設計的,所以必須有效而且價錢合理,並減少對環境的影響,而 MACK 能夠同時滿足這三個要求。
• 有效清潔,但含有重化學成份。
• 以植物為基礎,但效用較低,而且價錢貴。
但MACK 生物技術清潔產品就能做到高效、價錢合理,並對我們及環境無害。


關於 BioPods 益菌小幫手

BioPods 包裹在 PVA 外層中,可溶於溫水。 每個 BioPod 都有不同的說明,因此請記住在使用前閱讀包裝盒上的詳情。 如果產品稀釋後要裝在瓶中,盒內會跟一張貼紙,作為瓶上標籤。其他BioPods則作一次性使用,例如清潔洗衣機或排水管。

稀釋後,BioPods 完全對健康無害,但在濃縮情況下,某些成分可能會產生輕微刺激性,因此建議處理 BidPods 後洗手。 溶解並儲存在瓶內的產品的有效期長達 3 個月。
BioPods 是對海洋友善、不含棕櫚油及英國製造。
MACK 生物技術清潔產品如何發揮作用呢?
從本質上講,Mack的清潔方法稱為“輕觸” “長期”。 主要清潔成份是酵素和天然椰子表面活性劑。 這些酵素由細菌產生,並添加到 MACK 配方中,為 BioPods 提供有效而即時的清潔作用,立即去除油脂和污垢。

它的”好” 細菌開始分解污垢和污垢,不僅使其更容易溶解在水中,而且還為天然細菌提供了一些食物! 這個過程會產生更多”好的”細菌、更多的酵素、二氧化碳和水,所以對人體和環境沒有任何傷害。
噴霧劑可以立即擦掉,也可以在頑固污漬上停留一段時間。 即使擦拭後,這些細菌和酵素仍會形成生物膜,並能持續清潔長達 28 天。 這就是為什麼MARK 稱他們為「百萬小幫手」。
值得注意的是,許多傳統清潔劑都含有化學物質,會殺死已形成的生物膜。 因此,一旦開始,記住就要 keep 住用MACK 才有效!

MACK 團隊對海洋充滿熱情,並支持海洋守護者協會,一個保護海洋生物的非營利保護組織。 MACK 已獲得中性碳區™ 認證,並支持英國重新造林百萬棵樹計畫。 MACK 更與 Out and About Dorset 合作,一家當地企業,為有學習困難的年輕人的未來提供支援。 與 MACK 一起工作可以賦予年輕人責任感、工作滿足感,進一步提高他們的社交技能,並增強他們對如何愛護環境的理解。 他們幫忙製作盒子,MACK 為他們提供支持,並為年輕人提供設備和休息日。

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