Jujube (red date) from Xinjiang 100g Loose pack 和田小棗 100克散裝


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Jujube is an ancient super fruit.  This variety is the best and the only one recorded in the ancient Chinese medicine book. It is cultivated in one of the world best origins, Xinjiang Hetian. It is grown in the highland and irrigated with snow water from the mountain, so it is rich in minerals.

In Chinese medicine, Jujube is good for spleen, stomach, heart and lung.  It can relieve stress, is anti-aging and strengthens immunity. Most importantly it tastes great. You can eat it as snack, make drink, soup and dessert.

We are getting the fruit from the NGO who practices Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in China.

Ingredient說: dried red date*

* organically grown

Place of Origin: Henan, Zhengzhou

●  甘甜醇厚,入藥最佳

灰棗是中型棗果中的最佳良種(藥典上記載唯一可以入藥的棗),核小肉厚,果肉細膩緊實,糖份高,比一般的紅棗更香甜。 紅棗味甘,性溫,入脾、胃經且主入血分,功能補脾和胃,益氣生津,滋心潤肺,養血安神,悅顏色,通九竅,助十二經,和百藥,久服輕身延年。

● 得天獨厚的產區優勢






產地: 河南·鄭州




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