Rich Year Farm Black Poplar mushroom 40g (loose pack) 豐年農場茶樹菇 40克 (散裝)


The dried black poplar mushroom from Rich Year farm has an intense aroma.  A small amount can add richness and umami flavour to your cooking.

Black Poplar shows significant immune boosting function concentrating on anti-fungal properties.  It also consists all the essential amino acids required by the body.

Place of Origin: Taiwan

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Ingredients: Dried black poplar mushroom*

*organically grown

Packaging: We will use paper bag to wrap the product. If order more than one unit, we will use only one bag unless specify.

Cooking method:
Soak it in room temperature water until soft (around 20mins) . It tastes good to stew it with poultry, meat, tofu and potato.  It adds umami flavour and intense aroma making vegan soup.  It adds richness to chicken or meat soup.  Stir-fry the mushroom with a little bit of oil before adding to soup.

About Rich Year Farm
It’s located in Puli of Nantou County in Taiwan. It’s well known in Taiwan for producing mushrooms. Rich year farm has been producing edible organic mushrooms for over 40 years. They specialize in producing spores for mushrooms farmers in Taiwan and oversea. They also export Ganoderma to Japan. The quality comes from 100% control of the entire production starting from spores to end product.
The farm is using solar panels to produce electricity for the temperature-controlled fruiting chambers.
The main ingredient of the growing kit is sawdust made from Taiwan broad-leaf trees such as Formosa acacia and oak. The farm collects unused wood from fruit farmers and wood manufacturers regularly. To be more sustainable, they introduced the use of used coffee grounds, bamboo and dried rice straws etc to replace sawdust. The used growing kits are used for fuel or biogas. The residues also sent for farm compost. Waste minimization is achieved.



包裝: 用紙袋包裝,列出之單位為最少購買量,如買2個單位以上,只會用一個包裝袋,如需另外包裝須特別標示。





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