Master Stock pouch 35g 萬用滷包 35克


Special Recipe passed along generations

Preparation method: One pouch can be used to braise 1-2kg meat and ingredients, such as tofu, eggs, radish, carrots etc The amount of water is about 3-5 liters (must cover the ingredients). Then add soy sauce or Tamari and a small amount of soy paste, ginger, green onions, sugar (optional); and if you like it spicy, you can add chilli and braise together. A delicious dish is done!


古法配製 獨家配方

調理方式:1個滷包可以滷1公斤半至2公斤肉與食材如豆腐、蛋、白蘿蔔、甘荀等,水量約3-5公升 (須淹過食材),另外加入醬油或生抽、少量油膏、糖(如適用)、薑、蔥,喜歡辣可另外加辣椒,一同燉煮,即可完成美味的料理。

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Top graded natural spices with over-70-years recipe.

Ingredients: Star anise, Sichuan peppercorns, cumin, cloves, cinnamon.

One pack is good for one time use.

Place of Origin: Taiwan

Weight: 35g



成份: 八角、花椒、小茴香、丁香、桂皮



產地﹕ 台灣

重量﹕ 35克


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