Sauce Co Black Bean Soy Sauce 320ml 味榮極釀黑豆油露 320毫升


The highest quality black beans are, first, selected, then, soaked and steamed; koji would be added afterwards for fermentation, all the ingredients are carefully washed, finally sealed in the vat under coarse salt. The black beans are sun-baked inside the vat for 180 days. Over changing conditions in day and night, the koji’s fermentation can drive the essence and nutrients inside each black bean, thus we receive the intense and pure black bean juice.

It can be used in braise, stew, or to make fried rice and noodles. Adding drinking water & sesame oil will make a delicious soba sauce.


從黑豆品種的嚴格篩選. 浸泡蒸煮, 下麴菌製麴, 清洗拌鹽, 加上粗鹽封缸, 黑豆在陶甕日曬蔭製180天. 讓醬油麴菌在缸中因為時間與溫度的高低起伏, 慢慢將一粒粒黑豆中所蘊含的營養與精華激發出來, 成為日後一滴滴濃醇的黑豆原汁。


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Ingredients: Organic black beans (China), water, organic sugar (Brazil), salt, licorice.
Contain soybeans


Place of Origin: Taiwan

Volume: 320 ml





容量: 320毫升


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