Lively Life Shaihong Sun-dried Red Tea 50g 喜居生活無農藥勐海喬木曬紅 50克


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Lively Life pesticide-free Menghai Shaihong has a unique aroma, mellow, richness and sweet, and is warm and sweet on the tip of the tongue, making it unforgettable!

If you know tea, you must know Menghai, Yunnan, which is very well-known. It is the hometown of Pu’er tea and the earliest place for tea production in China, it is filled with hundreds year old tea trees. Our Shai Hong come exactly from this same region, ancient tree, big leaf tea.

Shaihong is made through an ancient method, between Pu’er tea and red tea. Because the process is very close to red tea, it is classified as red tea. The biggest difference between Dianhong tea and sun-dried red tea lies in the drying method: Dianhong tea is dried at high temperature after fermentation to enhance the aroma; sun-dried red tea is dried by baking in the sun. The production process of Shai Hong is mainly withering, rolling, fermentation and sun-drying. The red colour caused by sufficient sunshine absorbs the energy of the sun and is vividly displayed through the tea leaves. The sun-dried red tea drink is rosy and translucent, smells fragrant, and is sweet and mellow in the mouth, as well as calming. It also retains the traditional characteristics of Pu’er green tea. Unlike other red tea, the longer Shaihong is aged, the sweeter the taste. It can be brewed repeatedly and is definitely a good tea!

Shaihong is between Pu’er tea and red tea, so its efficacy has the comprehensive effect of Pu’er tea and red tea: it not only has the effects of Pu’er tea on heat-clearing and detoxifying, lowering blood pressure, anti-arteriosclerosis, anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects, but also has the mildness of red tea, with the effects of antioxidants and lowering blood lipids, and sun-dried red tea has both of those effects. To women, it has the effects of beautifying, cooling and removing freckles.


Origin: Menghai area, Yunnan

Weight: 50g




如果懂茶,一定知道聞名中外的雲南勐海,是「普洱茶」 的故鄉和中國產茶最早之地,有著星羅棋佈的古茶樹羣,我們的曬紅就是來自這裡的是喬木古樹的原片大葉種茶。





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