Sichuan Peppercorn (80g) 小金原生態花椒 (80克)


Sichuan pepper is a spice commonly used in western part of China such as Sichuan, Yunnan and Tibet. When eaten, it produces a tingling & numbing effect.

This Sichuan pepper is the native variety sustainably grown in the best production region in Sichuan highland . The pepper trees are over 50 years old and the peppers are radiant red and round in shape; strong aroma with mellow tingling. It’s the premium grade.

Sichuan pepper comes in the leading spice in the 13-spice seasoning. It can use in any kind of cooking. You may use it in original form or make it to powder as seasoning or infuse it to oil. Of course, it is one of the key ingredients of five-spice powder too.

Fragrance of Sichuan pepper can remove the smell of meat and fishy smell of seafood. It can adds richness to vegetarian dishes.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Sichuan pepper is warm in nature and has the effects of warming and dispersing cold; strengthening the stomach and dehumidifying; relieving pain and killing insects; detoxifying and regulating Qi; relieving itching. Adding Sichuan pepper to the cooking is therefore also beneficial to the body.

The difference between peppercorns and pepper oil in dishes
The fragrance and numbing taste of peppercorns are mostly used in stews, stir-fries, and hot pots. The oil is mostly used in cold salads, noodles, etc.






花椒氣味芳香,可除各種肉類的腥羶臭氣,可增加素菜的香氣;中醫認為:花椒性溫,味辛,有溫中散寒、健胃除濕、止痛殺蟲、解毒理氣、止癢祛腥的功效。 在烹調時加入花椒不僅可以去腥增香,對身體也十分有益。



花椒粒的清香、 麻味多用於燉菜、炒菜、做火鍋等。

花椒油 多用於涼拌、麵條調味等。

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Aba highland (Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture) is located in south-eastern Qinghai–Tibet Plateau, the north-east of Sichuan province. Average altitude is 3500-4000m. It is one of the homes of Tibetans. It was a beautiful forest with lots of flowers and yaks. Deforestation destroyed the natural scene and the green mountain exposed the rocks underneath.

The Cooperative that we are working with combines the power of the local Tibetans and sustainable developers to grow sustainably to eliminate soil pollution caused by chemical pesticides.

The ecological Sichuan peppers grows on a plateau at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters, planted together with apple trees and other crops. Diversified planting will help reduce pests and diseases. The pepper trees are more than 50 years old. They grow wild, sprout and bear fruit in accordance with nature. The indigenous are sharing this gifts of nature with us.


Ingredient: Dried Sichuan pepper

Storage: sealed and put it in cool dry place.

Origin, Aba highland, Sichuan, China


曾經的阿壩高原,位於青藏高原東南,四川省西北部,平均海拔在3500~4000米之間,藏族的聚居地之一。森林密佈,遍地犛牛花香。 後來由於人為的原因,這裡的山脈、森林被砍伐,綠色的山脈裸露出了岩石。


小金原生態花椒生長於海拔3000公尺以上的高原,與蘋果樹和其它作物種在一起。 多樣化的種植,利於減少花椒與蘋果樹的病蟲害。




儲存方式: 密封並置於陰涼、乾燥、通風處

產地: 中國阿壩藏羌族自治州 (四川)




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