Suma Organic Baked Beans 400g 有機茄汁焗豆


Suma Organic Baked Beans are an Ethical Consumer Best Buy product.

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These tasty beans are made to our special recipe including rich Italian tomatoes and onions with a hint of black pepper. And as you’d expect no artificial ingredients whatsoever. A classic breakfast choice and ideal on a baked spud!

Ingredients: Haricot beans* (45%), tomatoes* (30%), water, sugar*, onion*, sunflower oil*, maize starch*, salt, black pepper*, ascorbic acid
*denotes from organic farming


成分:白腰豆* (45%), 蕃茄* (30%), 水, 糖*, 洋蔥*, 葵花籽油*, 玉米粉*, 鹽, 黑胡椒*, 抗壞血酸


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